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saturday, november 2nd, 2002
9:34 pm
I Googled my name, and here's a summary of what came up....

A.J. Gonzales' Mexican Oven
703 McKinney
Dallas, TX 75202

i'm a sophomore journalism major at the University of Texas El Paso, and in my free time, a DJ on KJCR 88.3 christian radio. and my favorite song to play is "naive" by chris rice.

i'm also a 12 yr old girl who plays for the Davis Blazers, an under-12 soccer team in california. we won second place, biotch. i provided an outstanding defensive effort, as usual

in other news, "You had to hold on very tightly to keep the hose under
control," said 11-year-old A.J. Gonzales, "I got soaked, but it
was fun!"

also in california, "The event was organized by Encinitas residents Sergio Mora, a National City firefighter, Stuart Sprung, a firefighter in San Francisco, and by A.J. Gonzales, a Los Angeles fire captain who lives in Oceanside."

here's me playing for the New Orleans Hitmen: http://www.usclubsport.com/pages/NAFFASERegionalTourneyTeam.html

"Congratulations to AJ Gonzales for being named Most Outstanding
Atlete at the Louisiana Games Rugby Tournament."

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